December 2014 Newsletter

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Christmas, 2014

We celebrate the birth of the Christ Child at this time of year.  And, we also celebrate the birth of other little ones, “Birthright Babies.”  Some of their mothers came to us to discuss abortion, listened to our good words of comfort and advice and provided their little ones with life.  This has been a sometimes rewarding, sometimes trying year because we are concerned about Women’s Health care.  After our 45+ years, we still offer pregnancy tests, doctors, or whatever is needed to insure a healthy mom & babe.  And, per our mission, it is all free.

Now, at the end of 2014 I introduce Judy Fecteau, our new Executive Director.  She is a woman with good ideas and energy who leads us into our 45th year.  I thank you all for your support during my tenure as Executive Director.

Remember: happiness is a journey not a destination.  Won’t you join us? Training is provided.


Veronica Ceszynski, Retired Executive Director

A small note card tucked among some reading material at the back of St. Francis Hospital’s chapel led me to Milwaukee Birthright.  The note card stated: “Volunteers needed, both in the office and for home calls.  Volunteer as little as four hours per month.  Call Veronica….

That was 1998.  I was grieving the loss of my husband and searching for a way to fill a tremendous void.  Viola!  There is nothing like helping new moms and small babies to get one out of the doldrums.  Such JOY when one hears a woman caller say, “I was going to have an abortion, but changed my mind.  How can you help me?”  Added JOY when contemplating how the life of that child may affect the world.  EVERY LIFE MATTERS!

Come and share the JOY with me.  Become a Milwaukee Birthright volunteer.  2015 will be a year of change for me.  Make it a change for you, as well.

We wish you a Happy Christmas, blessings and joy for 2015!

Birthright Volunteers and Birthright Board of Directors

Judy Fecteau, New Executive Director.