Executive Director

Judith Fecteau
Mount Mary University - Occupational Therapy

President and Treasurer

James Mroczkowski
Finance/Business Manager
Wisconsin Right to Life


Monica Staubach

Medical Director

Cynthia Jones-Nosacek, MD, FAAFP
Columbia St. Mary's Hospital


Joseph Danneker

Jacqueline Dombrowski, MSW, ASCW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Licensed Massage Therapist

Rory Gillespie
Publications Director
The Catholic Herald

Robert Goff
President, Goff's Auto Body
CEO Goff's Enterprises

Michelle Graham, MD, MME, FAAFP
State Medical Director
United Healthcare

Robert Gunderson
Retired Chairman
General Automotive Mfg. Co.

S.M. Ramona Dombrowski, CSSF

Karen Iverson, R.N.

Thomas Kurey, Jr, PhD
BS Physics, Boston College
MS, PhD Physics, Pennsylvania State University

Judy Paz
Board Member - Near Southside Catholic Schools

Director Emeritus

E. Michael McCann
Milwaukee Co. District Attorney (Retired)

Veronica Ceszynski
Past Executive Director Milwaukee Birthright

Milwaukee Birthright

2025 W. Oklahoma Ave.
Suite 125
Milwaukee, WI 53215

24 Hour Helpline:
(414) 672-5433


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