Christmas 2013 Newsletter

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Christmas, 2013

Imagine what it was like 44 years ago: abortion was about to become legal. As yet no plans were in place to offer alternatives for the woman and her unborn child.  It was then that courageous Marie Hern, Barbara Walthers, our early compassionate volunteers, and Bob Traub of St. Anthony Hospital decided to help young women who seemed to have no options.  A Crisis Pregnancy Center?  What was that? Modeled after a Toronto Canada organization,  Milwaukee Birthright was born.

During these many years Birthright has helped literally thousands of women, some quite young and some older in their child bearing years.  Because we do care about Women’s Health Care, after all these years we still offer pregnancy tests, doctors, housing, baby supplies, and whatever comfort is needed to prove that abortion is not the answer.

Warm lovely clothing and bedding continue to be donated.  Our clients are grateful to Christ Child Society, and many parishes: Our Lady of Good Hope, MACCW-District 16, Catholic Daughters of Lake Geneva, St. Alphonsus, and St.Veronica for these special warm items for their babies.

We are especially grateful f or the support Birthright has received from R.A. Abdoo & Co., the Knights of Columbus, congregations of St. Eugene, St. John Vianney, St. Matthew, and Wheaton Franciscan Hospital.  We are especially thankful for the guidance, concern and friendship provided by the Sisters of Felician Services who have been with us for all these years.

We now are about to launch a brand new Website, with social media links and answers to bring young women to us (  We try to be available for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  So often the times women feel most lonesome and vulnerable are the holidays and weekends… but we are here for them ready to answer their call for help each and every day and night.

Remember: happiness is a journey not a destination.  Won’t you join us? Training is provided.


We wish you a Happy Christmas and blessings for 2014!

Veronica Ceszynski, Executive Director,

Birthright Volunteers,

Birthright Board of Directors